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No, this isn't some rant in which I insist that everyone needs to turn to their partner and start breeding like rabbits. No, I do not think that everyone absolutely HAS to have kids, nor do I think that everyone is cut out to be a parent. That's not my problem with the Childfree crowd. Don't want kids? Fine with me. I don't care. I won't judge. My problem if when they start bashing people who do have children. They even have a derogatory term for then, "Breeders".

Okay, I get it. The Childfree crowd has taken criticisms over the years because a lot of people have it hardwired into their heads that because they have reproductive organs that they HAVE to be used to make a new person, and there are a lot of parents out there whose kids have grown up and now they want grandkids. And against that are people who just don't want kids (often for legit reasons), but will continue to get pressured by others. Yes, I get how that can beefrustrating, even maddening.

However... Making up a derogatory word for anyone who has ever reproduced is just wrong. Firstly, most people, whether childless or with children, have had nothing to do with any hardships you've faced from others, and most won't care about what you've decided to do or not do with your reproducive information. Secondly, the whole reason you exist is because your parents hopped into bed, and...I will spare you the more graphic details. The point is, you exist because of the "breeder" crowd, as does everyone you've ever cared about. Thirdly, some people NEED to reproduce in order to keep the species alive. Yes, yes, I know, there is currently a medric ton of humankind, and yes, I know, we can stand to cut down on reproduction. However, SOME reproducing needs to continue for the species' sake, and people who want and/or do have children are NOT stupid or inferior to you.

I've had one person say, "Yeah, well, the Breeders have been hating on us for centuries, so it's high time for some polite push back, and you if you don't like it, then, boohoo." ...That is beside the point, buddy. If you start acting petty, no one is going to listen to you or support your decision. Childfree persons who bash families are not doing their cause any favors. They're making the situation worse, because they're painting the the entire lot as a group of self-important, egotistical prats with a big chip on their shoulder. If you want to be both Childfree and respected, then you have to be respectful, too, even when things get frustrating. Stereotyping the other side of the argument is not the way to go about this. You will never convince everyone of your stance, true, but that's also true of every argument. There will always be someone who thinks that you're wrong and need to be corrected, and that's not exclusive to your decision to be child free. It happens everywhere and probably in every aspect of everyone's life somewhere down the line. But that's not the point. The point is how well you handle it. So, please, Childfree, be respectful of parents and those who aspire to have and raise children.

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Drew Lung
United States
I'm a midwest guy with many tastes. My true aspiration is to be a writer someday.

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