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This is to compound on my first Timeline Theory with the addition of the FNAF 4. You can read it here:…

Now, I do not think that the Bite seen in FNAF 4 happened in 1983, but is in fact the 87 one. I firmly believe that there is no purpose to add another Bite within the narrative and that it only makes thing more complicated, therefore I disregard that theory. I also do not believe that Purple Guy was the father The Child and his Brother. In my opinion, it was Phone Guy, hence the strong Foxy motif the household has going on. After all, Foxy was his favorite, as stated in the FNAF 2 recordings.

Now, then, onto my theory:

Location: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria 2 (seen in FNaF 2):

Opened: 1987

Closed: 1987

Animatronic(s): The old models are replaced with the Toy versions. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy/Mangle. New additions: Marionette and Balloon Boy.

The spirit of the original murdered child possesses the Marionette, perhaps inspired by the Spring Suits.
The old animatronics are tossed into the back and made into “donors” for the new animatronics, which were are fitted with criminal database software. Purple Guy tampered with them because he was probably on record for some other crime and didn’t want to get caught.  

Purple Guy then used a spare suit of some kind to lure five kids sometime between Nights 1-4 of FNAF 2. These children were the same ones The Child encounters during his trek from the Pizzeria to his home on Day 4 Minigame. They all say they will attend his birthday Party. Okay, so... Where are these kids during his birthday? The Pizzeria seems pretty empty except for The Brother and his friends and a few employees and animatronics.
The answer is simple: they didn't attend The Child's party because they couldn't. They had already been eviscerated by Purple Guy by then and were already possessing the old animatronics and the Gold Freddy we see onstage during the birthday. The Marionette had already “given life” to the animatronics.

So we move onto Night 6 of Jeremy's adventure which has been happening concurrently to The Child's, almost. After Jeremy was moved to day-shift, he does his job sticking close to the Toy Animatronics, thinking that the Spring Freddy and Bonnie onstage were safe. After all, they were just old reinstated Spring Suits that had been set on the stage with their free roam mode likely Off and they were far away from everyone enough as to not be a threat. If not for The Brother his douchey friends, he would have been right. I speculated before that Jeremy either became the Bite victim himself or witnessed it. Well, we now know that he was simply a witness and likely quit his job with The Bite being the final straw.

So The Brother and his band of delinquents cram The Child into Spring Freddy's mouth, accidentally causing The Bite of '87. Since the children were just now possessing the animatronics, the one inside Gold Freddy was unlikely able to control it well enough to prevent and eventually went mad from guilt. After all, doesn't Golden Freddy act a bit more... off than any of the others. As for the fate of The Child, I believe he survived just long to die in the hospital, but never possessed an animatronic himself, while the others turned increasingly homicidal from the actions of Purple Guy.

Now if you wonder why a Spring Freddy and Bonnie were performing onstage at The Child's arty, remember, Phone Guy is his father, so the two additional suits were likely fixed up and reinstated as a special touch to the son of the one of the managers. Plus, they were likely considered a safer alternative to the Toys.

Conclusion: With the disappearances and Bite both happening so close to each other, the store is closed, and the tale continues until it reaches its bittersweet end many decades later in Fazbear’s Fright. That’s just my theory, though. Until next time, everyone.
I am… conflicted about this. On one hand, I’m sure it CAN be done, but... I mean, fnaf is so minimalistic and leaves a lot up to interpretation, and Hollywood doesn’t do minimalistic or open for interpretation anymore. There are so many plot details that can be left vague within the confines of the games themselves that they’d have to fill just to make the story into a full narrative.

1) Okay, we can imagine the motives of the various player characters, Mike, Jeremy, and the unnamed protagonist of FnaF3, but with a film they’d have to offer a concrete explanation for why anyone wouldn’t just quit after surviving the first night and make we, the audience, believe it.

2) we’re willing to excuse the obvious problem with a business staying open despite a staggering fatality rate for night watchmen because video game. A movie would have jump through a couple of hoops to make that believable.

3) high rate deaths for night watchmen notwithstanding, they’d really have to come up with something brilliant to make us believe that a business meant to cater to children would be able to stay in business despite anywhere from 5-10 children (depending on how you interpret the minigames) having been brutally murdered in their establishments, plus one who got offed just out front of the original diner.

4) they would have the difficult task of inserting the backstory in a way that doesn’t come off as contrived or invasive to the narrative just to make the actions of the animatronics make even a remote lick of sense. Can it be done? Well…

“…so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should..” –Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park (1993)

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My Theory:

One Killer: Purple Man. Motive: sick, twisted psycho who loves to inflict pain on those weaker than him.

Sequence of Events:

Original Store/Fearbear’s Pizza:

Opened: roughly 1978-80:

Closed: 1982-83

Animatronic(s): Fredbear

Purple Guy murders one child out front of the store during a birthday party. Since no one was paying attention, he didn’t get caught. The murder happened outside of the store, so it wasn’t properly investigated by the police, but its business was hurt, resulting in a buyout by Fazbear Entertainment. The spirit of the child haunts the nearby area for the time being, not yet getting struck with the idea to haunt an animatronic. Without a proper vessel, he’s a mere annoyance at worse.
Fazbear runs the original location for a short while before moving elsewhere. During this time, they probably changed “Fredbear” to “Freddy Fazbear”.

Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizzeria 1 (seen in FNaF 1):

Opened: 1982-83

Closed: 1987

Animatronic(s): Freddy, followed by the first addition to his ‘crew’, (Spring) Bonnie. Chica and Foxy added sometime later. Probably Chica first, and then Foxy, but I’m getting off topic.

Fazbear introduces the Spring Suits. I don’t think any murders happened in this establishment. I think the failings in the Spring Suits is what caused this store to be closed down. They were up to their eyeballs in lawsuits from angry family members of workers who were injured/killed in those things. So the suits were discontinued and the “safe rooms” were boarded off. The store soon closes and we move onto…

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria 2 (seen in FNaF 2):

Opened: 1987

Closed: 1987

Animatronic(s): The old models are replaced with the Toy versions. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy/Mangle. New additions: Marionette and Balloon Boy.

The spirit of the original murdered child finds his/hers’ way to the store and possesses the Marionette, perhaps inspired by the Spring Suits.
The old animatronics are tossed into the back and made into “donors” (especially evident with Withered Bonnie). New Animatronics are fitted with criminal database software. Purple Guy tampers with them because he was probably on record for some other crime and didn’t want to get caught.  

Purple Guy then uses a spare suit of some kind to lure the five kids sometime between Nights 1-4. The Marionette “gives life” to the withered animatronics (and the spare Golden Freddy suit) by putting the souls of the five missing murdered children into them.
Jeremy works Nights 1-6 before getting moved to dayshift. Jeremy is ordered to stick close to the animatronics, since Phone Guy told him. After all, “now none of them are working right”. Jeremy becomes the Bite victim (or had a front row seat to it). If he was just a witness, the position “that opened” was likely due to him just throwing his hands up and quitting.

Fritz works one night before getting fired after also tempering with the suits (likely to make them less homicidal). I do not believe that Fritz is the Purple Guy. The Purple Guy got away with murder is a very small building and managed to mess with the animatronics’ software without getting caught once. Besides, Fritz is a new new hire.
Phone Guy, despite the likelihood of him being a manager, is forced to take up night watchman duties.
The store soon closes and they move back to the old location.

Return to FNaF 1’s establishment:

Reopened: 1987

Closed: 1992-93

Animatronic(s): the reinstated old models, simply remodeled into how we see them in this game.

The Marionette tags along with the move and hides in the kitchen to keep watch over his “friends”.

The FNaF 1 location remains in business until closing its doors for the final time at the end of 1992/93. The child spirits still haunt the suits and kill any security they catch. Mike Schmidt is hired and survived seven nights before getting fired. Phone Guy dies sometime before Night 4.
The store closes and everything is left to rot.

Sometime between 1992/93 and the opening of the Fazbear’s Fright Horror Attraction:

Purple Guy returns to destroy any evidence that might have been left behind for fear of someone else buying the building and discovering it. He was also possibly there to pick up a memento of his crimes. He destroys the suits, freeing the child spirits from them. Nice job fixing it, villain. They corner him in the safe room and where the fifth child chases him into the Spring Bonnie Suit. He is killed very, very dead by the spring locks failing. However, the child spirits still cannot move on due to killing Purple Guy out of malice.

202022/2023: Fazbear’s Fright is about to open. Our New Protagonist is placed in the building roughly a week or so before Phone Dude finds Springtrap. How long this guard has been with the amusement park its being set up in is unknown.

Opened: Didn't.

Closed: Never had a chance to open.

Phone Dude follows a lead given to him by someone who used to work in the old FNaF 1 building. He and his crew find Springtrap and bring him to Fazbear’s Fright (why they didn’t pop the suit open is beyond me. I know Phone Dude is supposed to come off as a complete dumbass, but WOW). While Phone Dude is recording the second of his nightly message to new Watchman and preparing the old Phone Guy ones, he discovers that Springtrap has moved from where his crew left him. Anyway, I think Springtrap got the jump on him and murdered him.

New Watchman begins their second night and finds himself alone with the Intelligent Haunting of a psychopath. Since New Watchman listens to Phone Dude’s last recording, that makes him a potential witness to Purple Guy’s first crime in years. Springtrap cannot afford to get caught now and that’s why the possessed suit hangs around to kill you.
The Phantom Animatronics: since we all know ghosts to not be harmless even without a physical form to possess, the fact that they do not harm our new hero leads me believe that the ghosts of the five children are trying to scare him off before he gets killed by Springtrap.

Phantom Animatronics and the optional mini-games: I do not prescribe to the idea that they are mere hallucinations. It is also very possible that the “please the children” games are received as visions by New Watchman while the Marionette goes around appeasing the other child spirits once and for all. Our New Watchman might be spiritually sensitive.
New Watchman survives Nights 2-6 before torching Fazbear’s Fright, himself. I know that the wiring is very obviously faulty, but that also makes for a perfect alibi for New Watchman. So our new hero does what the others before him did not by taking matters into his own hands to destroy Springtrap. Then he blames it all on faulty wiring. The child spirits are finally freed with the destruction of Springtrap being committed for the right reasons (to stop a menace before it brings harm to others).

Of course, this is just a theory. A game theory. ;)

No, this isn't some rant in which I insist that everyone needs to turn to their partner and start breeding like rabbits. No, I do not think that everyone absolutely HAS to have kids, nor do I think that everyone is cut out to be a parent. That's not my problem with the Childfree crowd. Don't want kids? Fine with me. I don't care. I won't judge. My problem if when they start bashing people who do have children. They even have a derogatory term for then, "Breeders".

Okay, I get it. The Childfree crowd has taken criticisms over the years because a lot of people have it hardwired into their heads that because they have reproductive organs that they HAVE to be used to make a new person, and there are a lot of parents out there whose kids have grown up and now they want grandkids. And against that are people who just don't want kids (often for legit reasons), but will continue to get pressured by others. Yes, I get how that can beefrustrating, even maddening.

However... Making up a derogatory word for anyone who has ever reproduced is just wrong. Firstly, most people, whether childless or with children, have had nothing to do with any hardships you've faced from others, and most won't care about what you've decided to do or not do with your reproducive information. Secondly, the whole reason you exist is because your parents hopped into bed, and...I will spare you the more graphic details. The point is, you exist because of the "breeder" crowd, as does everyone you've ever cared about. Thirdly, some people NEED to reproduce in order to keep the species alive. Yes, yes, I know, there is currently a medric ton of humankind, and yes, I know, we can stand to cut down on reproduction. However, SOME reproducing needs to continue for the species' sake, and people who want and/or do have children are NOT stupid or inferior to you.

I've had one person say, "Yeah, well, the Breeders have been hating on us for centuries, so it's high time for some polite push back, and you if you don't like it, then, boohoo." ...That is beside the point, buddy. If you start acting petty, no one is going to listen to you or support your decision. Childfree persons who bash families are not doing their cause any favors. They're making the situation worse, because they're painting the the entire lot as a group of self-important, egotistical prats with a big chip on their shoulder. If you want to be both Childfree and respected, then you have to be respectful, too, even when things get frustrating. Stereotyping the other side of the argument is not the way to go about this. You will never convince everyone of your stance, true, but that's also true of every argument. There will always be someone who thinks that you're wrong and need to be corrected, and that's not exclusive to your decision to be child free. It happens everywhere and probably in every aspect of everyone's life somewhere down the line. But that's not the point. The point is how well you handle it. So, please, Childfree, be respectful of parents and those who aspire to have and raise children.

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